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The Library of Congress Twitter Archive

Posted by Marieke Guy on April 29th, 2010

Two weeks ago the Library of Congress announced that they will be archiving all public tweets since Twitter began. The tweets have been given to the library as a ‘gift’ from Twitter.

The announcement was fittingly made on Twitter.

Yesterday the Library of Congress blog published a list of FAQs abouut the approach they will be taking.

The FAQ explains:

  • Why is it important to preserve the Twitter archive?
    It sees Twitter is part of the historical record of communication, news reporting, and social trends – all of which complement the Library’s existing cultural heritage collections.
  • What is in the Archive?
    Public information. Not private account information or deleted tweets.
  • What does the Library plan to do with the archive?
    Its aims are preserving access to the archive for the long term and making data available to researchers.

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