A User-Focussed Project

When myself (Brian Kelly, UKOLN) and Kevin Ashley (ULCC) initially discussed submitting a joint proposal fore the JISC ITT on Web Site Preservation one of the topics we spoke about was how we perceived our approaches to the work. We discovered that we were in strong agreement on the need for a user-focussed approach to the preservation of Web sites and Web resources, rather than one based on simply promoting a particular ideological stance.

So although we will discuss, say, the benefits of use of open standards in a preservation context, we do acknowledge that simply saying that institutions must use open standards would be an over-simplistic approach. We recognise that the provision of Web-based services is a complex operation requiring many, and sometimes conflicting, goals.

We will seek to advise institutions on how they should address the preservation of Web sites and Web resources in a real-world context of conflicting demands, limited resources, institutional politics and existing services to run.

And we are very keen on hearing from institutions in the sector (and the wider community) on the approaches institutions are taken to managing medium and long-term access to their Web resources.