Workshop 1 – Resources available

The first JISC-PoWR workshop took place last Friday (27th June 2008) at Senate House Library and was attended by over 30 people from a wide range of professional groupings, including the Web management and Records Management communities. The day instigated much discussion and started people thinking about how they could make a start on Web resource preservation at their institution.

The main presentations are now available for download.

  • Presentation 1: JISC-PoWR Workshop 1, Marieke Guy, UKOLN. Presentation: [Slideshare] – [pres1.ppt PowerPoint file]
  • Presentation 2: Preservation of Web Resources Part I, Kevin Ashley, ULCC. Presentation: [Slideshare] – [pres2.ppt PowerPoint file] (audio – pres2.mp3)
  • Presentation 3: Challenges for Web Resource Preservation, Marieke Guy, UKOLN Presentation: [Slideshare] – [pres3.ppt] (audio – pres3.mp3)
  • Presentation 4: Bath University Case Study, Alison Wildish and Lizzie Richmond, University of Bath. Presentation: [Slideshare] – [pres4.ppt PowerPoint file] .
  • Presentation 5: Legal issues, Jordan Hatcher, opencontentlawyer. Presentation: [Slideshare] – [pres5.ppt PowerPoint file] (audio – pres5.mp3)
  • Presentation 6: Preservation of Web Resources Part II, Ed Pinsent, ULCC. Presentation: [Slideshare] – [ pres6.ppt PowerPoint file] (audio – pres6.mp3)
  • Preservation 7: ReStore: A sustainable web resources repository, Arshad Khan, National Centre for Research Methods. Presentation: [Slideshare] – [pres7.ppt Powerpoint file]. Audio: [pres7.mp3]

The presentations are also available from Slideshare. Audio files are available from the Internet Archive.

We are also using a Wetpaint Wiki to collate the feedback from the workshop breakout sessions. If you were there, please have a look and help us ensure that your suggestions are represented.

An ‘at the event’ report written on the workshop by Stephen Emmott has been published in the Ariadne Web Magazine.