The History of Your Institution’s Web Site

A recent blog post by Lorcan Dempsey on “The institutional web presence again” provided a link to a page on “the history of U.Va. on the web” which provides details of 14 year’s history for the University of Virginia’s Web site from 1994-2008.

The page provides details of the Web usage statistics in the early years, with screen images shown of major changes to the home page from 1997 (unfortunately no screen images are available for the first three years of the service).

Information is provided on the people and groups responsible for the design, the changes which were made as new technologies became available, significant additional content that was added and details of awards which the site won.

This is an approach which I feel all institutions should consider taking.  And let’s start recording the history of those early years quickly, before the first generation of institutional Web managers start to retire, leave or forget the details of the institution’s Web history.

University of Virginia Web Site History