Ariadne Report on the JISC PoWR workshop

An ‘at the event’ report on the first JISC PoWR workshop held at Senate House Library, London on Friday 27th June 2008 has been published in the recent Ariadne Web Magazine (issue 56, July 2008). The piece, written by Stephen Emmott, concluded:

The challenges are significant, especially in terms of how to preserve Web resources. No doubt the institutional repository will play a role. Arguably, the absence of a solution to the preservation of Web resources leads to either retention or deletion, both of which carry risks. The workshop’s core message to practitioners was therefore to start building an internal network amongst relevant practitioners as advice and guidance emerge.

My thinking about this matter was certainly stimulated and I look forward to the next two workshops, and the handbook that will result. Web preservation is an issue which was always important but now grows increasingly urgent.

It is hoped that a trip report on the third workshop (for which bookings are currently still open) will be published in a future Ariadne.