JISC PoWR Presentation at iPRES 2008 Conference

As my colleague Marieke Guy commented recently I presented a paper on “Preservation of Web Resources: The JISC PoWR Project” at the iPRES 2008 conference on Monday 29 September 2008 which described the work of the JISC PoWR project. The iPRES 2008 conference, incidentally, was featured in an article “In praise of … preserving digital memories” published in The Guardian Editorial page yesterday (1 October 2008). The article stated that “If all goes well, we will have the capacity to preserve as many of our memories, personal and national, as we want“. So it was very pleasing to present the work of the JISC PoWR project, which explored ways in which memories held on Web sites can be selected and preserved.

The slides of the talk (in which I focus primarily on preservation within a Web 2.0 environment) are now available and are embedded below.

There is also a video recording of the talk available (although I haven’t yet been able to upload the video to Google Video to allow it to be embedded in other Web pages, I’m afraid).

I should also add that Chris Rusbridge provided a comprehensive report on the conference. I was pleased to read Chris’s comments on my talk which he described as “a very entertaining talk, and well worth looking up“. He went on to describe me as “not a preservationist, but is a full-blown technogeek discussing the roles of the latest Web 2.0 technologies on his blog, in his role as UK Web Focus“. And this technogeek was particularly pleased to read that the JISC PoWR “project achieved a strong level of interaction through its several workshops“.