Library Partnership Preserves End-of-Term Government Web Sites

The news that a Library Partnership Preserves End-of-Term Government Web Sites was announced in August 2008 (and it’s about the end of the George W Bush’s term of office). However I think it’s worth drawing attention to the article for those with an interest in the preservation of Web sites. One thing that caught my eye was the comment that:

the Internet Archive will undertake a comprehensive crawl of the .gov domain.

The article concluded with a summary of the role of the Internet Archive:

The Internet Archive is a high-tech nonprofit, founded in 1996 by Brewster Kahle as an “Internet library” to provide universal and permanent access to digital information for educators, researchers, historians, and the general public. The Internet Archive captures, stores and provides access to born-digital and digitized content, and leads the development of Heritrix, the open-source archival web crawler, used to facilitate the collection of web data for this project.

What role might the Internet Archive have in the UK, I wonder?

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  1. Richard M. Davis

    Hi Brian. The European Archive ( is the European arm of the Internet Archive. The National Archives, for one, makes extensive use of the European Archive, and I believe directs and/or sponsors some of its collections.

    For example, at the DCC Conference last week, Amanda Spencer explained that TNA’s Web Continuity project has developed a system for government web servers that – as a last resort – can redirect to copies in the European Archive instead of presenting a 404 Not Found error.

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