Twitter Groups and Twitter Problems

We’ve written about Twitter on the JISC PoWR site before mainly when considering preservation of Web 2.0 material. Now Twitter could become a useful tool in helping you communicate about Web resource preservation.

The Archivists and Records Managers Twitter Group is up and running. You can register at

I’m sure there will be lots of interesting posts.

The preservation of Twitter posts (tweets) has again been discussed in the blogosphere. Maureen Pennock commented in her post entitled ‘Making retrospective sense of cross media communications: a new archival challenge‘ that the increasing number of communication mechanisms presents a big problem for archivists.

She points out that “Some of our conversations are cross-media; they may start on Twitter, but they move to Facebook and then the blog. Capturing only one of those accounts means that only part of our conversation is captured. Okay, so you’re probably not interested in capturing our interactions in your archives. But you probably are interested in capturing interactions from important people (back to Stephen Fry and Obama again) and you will thus face the same issues.

She then says “We all know the problems we’ve got in capturing and archiving emails. What of Twitter? How do you get Tweets out of the system and integrate them into a collection? What of Facebook data? And YouTube?

It seems the Twitter challenge is becoming more real as it becomes increasingly mainstream.

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