An Archive Of IWMW 2009 Tweets

In a recent blog post entitled Tools For Preserving Twitter Posts I described some of the Twitter preservation tools we were planning to use to keep a record of the tweets related to UKOLN’s recent IWMW 2009 event.

Twitter proved very popular during this annual event for institutional Web managers, with over 1,500 Twitter posts (tweets) being published during the last week of July. Further statistical information is provided in a post on Evidence on Use of Twitter for Live Blogging.

We suggested that a two character code (P1 to P8)  could be used to identify each plenary session and that using this as a hashtag in conjunction with the event’s hashtag (#iwmw2009) would enable the tweets about a particular talk to be easily identified and, in theory, this data migrated to a managed environment.

As an example you can search for the tweets related to:

We have recently used The Archivist desktop application to create a local copy of the tweets for the plenary  talks at the conference, and these have been made available on the IWMW 2009 Web site from the individual pages for the plenary talks (e.g. see the page for Derek Law’s opening plenary talk). The pages also contain a summary of the number of Twitter posts which were found using the tool.

One reason for wishing to do this is to provide an answer to the speaker who may ask “I Wonder What They Thought About My Session?“.

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