Findings available from the KRDS2 Survey

The findings from the Keeping Research Data Safe 2 (KRDS2) survey of digital preservation cost information are now available on the KRDS2 project Web page.


The Keeping Research Data Safe 2 project commenced on 31 March 2009 and will complete in December 2009. The project will identify and analyse sources of long-lived data and develop longitudinal data on associated preservation costs and benefits. It is believed that these outcomes will be critical to developing preservation costing tools and cost benefit analyses for justifying and sustaining major investments in repositories and data curation.

The Survey

The survey was carried out between between September and November 2009 to identify key research data collections with information on preservation costs and related issues. 13 survey responses were received: 11 of these were from UK-based collections, and 2 were from mainland Europe. The responses covered a broad area of research including the arts and humanities, social sciences, and physical and biological sciences and research data archives or cultural heritage collections.

The survey questionnaire sought to identify cost information available for the main KRDS2 activities in the Pre-Archive and Archive phases. Information for some activities is very high (archival storage cost information is available in 100% of the responses). Other more infrequent activities such as disposal (and perhaps also preservation planning) are less well represented. Knowledge of acquisition costs is also relatively low (46%).

Further information is available from the KRDS2 project Web page.