About this Blog

Ed, Marieke, Jordan and KevinThis blog was set up to support the work of JISC PoWR, a project funded by the JISC Integrated Information Environment Committee.

The blog helped to raise awareness of the importance of the preservation of Web resources. The main target audience for the blog were policy makers and practitioners working in institutional Web teams with responsibilities for the management of Web content.

Content published on the blog was provided by members of the project team.

About the JISC PoWR Project

The project “organised workshops and produced a handbook that specifically addresses digital preservation issues that are relevant to the UK HE/FE web management community“. For further information, see the ITT page on the JISC website.

The project began on 28th April 2008 and was officially completed in November 2008. The project was undertaken jointly by UKOLN at the University of Bath and ULCC Digital Archives department.

The members of the JISC PoWR team were:

Note that the following Twitter-friendly summaries of the JISC PoWR project and the main deliverables have been provided:

  • JISC PoWR: providing guidance on best practices for the preservation of Web resources Note 85 chars (55 spare)
  • JISC PoWR’s Handbook on Web preservation published in Jul 2010: http://bit.ly/iF0eeh Note 85 chars (55 spare)
  • JISC PoWR’s Guide to Web Preservation published in Nov 2008: http://bit.ly/iF0eeh Note 81 chars (59 spare)

Contact Details

The contact details for this project and blog are given below.

Marieke Guy or Brian Kelly
University of Bath

Email: m.guy@ukoln.ac.uk / b.kelly@ukoln.ac.uk