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Introduction: Jordan Hatcher

Jordan Hatcher profile picI’m Jordan Hatcher, and I’m a legal consultant on a variety of issues with a specialism in intellectual property and internet and media law issues. I’ve focussed quite a bit of my work on the area of open licensing, including on data, content, and software. Over this past year, for example, I’ve helped develop a set of open data licences at Open Data Commons, led a study funded by Eduserv on open content licences in the UK cultural heritage sector, and done a variety of legal consulting on areas such as data protection, trade mark, copyright and international IP. In all of my work I try to advocate a practical approach to the law, which often means looking at risk management rather than total risk avoidance. As we progress, I’ll be writing more about this approach and some of the legal issues involved in web preservation. If you’d like more info on me and my activities, please check out my site,